New Album Release:”,” AVACHORDA RECORDS
Deep, ritual and intensive. Burning electronic sighs
coming from under everyday ice world. Contemporary,
improvised chamber music for the 21th century from
the developer of the accidental guitar method.
Produced by Lind Bohm. 

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, born in Chicago (USA), now living in Berlin, is a performance artist, musician, free improvisator and composer of experimental music. The compositions from Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are performed and recorded live using the accidental guitar method.

01  Gesang der Geister part 1 

02  Gesang der geister part 2

03 Gesang der geister part 3

04. First impression of libra part 1

05. First impression of libra part 2

06  Bride of Lake Michigan

Onwards now, bravely to the manipulation of ‘The Accidental X Change’ where the artist proves that the fabric of our reality can be stretched thin, even to breaking point and then like an overtired child lost within a train journey we slip into something that perhaps is not there, cannot be explained to mother or father and will slip away soon enough, traces of it haunting us still into adulthood. ntb music


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