Friends of Sagittarius Berlin Festival Night

Friends of Sagittarius
Berlin Festival Night
oct. 6, 2010 starts at 8pm
door price: 3 euro

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt curator of Friends of Sagittarius will be presenting a night of amazing music
for friends and guest,
all artist and bands will each make a performance of 20 min.,
, everything will
begin at 8pm exactly.
Artists and Bands performing are :

20:00-20:20 Babel Embassy:
ethnotronic dadawave

20:25 – 20:45 Renmaid plays: fields&beyond
Slide installation:Death of a Mäyräkoira II

20:50 – 21:10 ANTITONAL:
Performing Recital and Improvisation on
Arnold Schönberg
Klavierstücke Op. 11
for Guitar, Loop Station and Saxophone

21:15 – 21:35 Banana Republic Combo:
accidental guitar soundscapes and free jazz drums

21:40 – 22:00 dorothy of the day
A capella / Ambient / Showtunes

22.05 – 22:25
©hristophe® frohlich
ambient / fieldrecordings

22:30 – 22:50 in:sane parachutes
audiovisual performance
the pressure of existance

22:55 – 23:15 Lind Bohm (avachorda)
Experimental / Elektroakustik / Konkret

23:20 – 23:40 Hildeguard
unconditional love noise soundtrack

23:45 – 00:05 The Shock Technician:
– harshest man alive –

00:10 – 00:30 sean derrick cooper marquardt
tell me a short story soundtrack

00:35 – 00:55 PXPRD project:
(deformed field recordings – analog filters-mixing)

01:00 – 01:20 ROTTT
Experimental / Konkret / Industrial

01:25 – 01:45 Joris J_
Andere / Experimental / Soundtracks / Filmmusik

01:50-02:10 “the captain kirk on lsd experience”
Disco House / Melodramatischer Pop-Song / Psychobilly

02:15 massju dj set
Electronica / IDM / Experimental

Live on air: Friends of Sagittarius – Berlin Festival Night oct. 6

Friends of Sagittarius – Berlin Festival Night oct. 6 will be transmitted
live at 23:00 on
Home of the mighty Wireless FM, the internet radio.

The Homepage of Wireless FM, the internet radio,
where you can tune in join our chatroom find the schedule and infos
on how to tune in or join us.

Weitere Infos:



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