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November 3, 2014

radio free midwich

Troy Schafer – Rigid Oppression (business card CD-r with pin badge, aetheric records, edition of 23)

more black then god – 1964 ZEN IN THE DRONES (3” CD-r, aetheric records, edition of 20)

people-eaters – disincarnate (CD-r with stickers and pin badge, aetheric records, edition of 20)

 troy schafermore black then godpeople-eaters - disincarnate

My love of the post is obsessive, bordering on fetishistic. The fact that in exchange for a small(ish) amount of money you can make an object disappear from your presence and reappear elsewhere in the world sometime later is magical to me. Despite grumbling about the continuing ubiquity of ‘stuff’ in these sleek, downloadable times the novelty never seems to wear off.

As you can imagine, running a blog in celebration of a fringe art form created by a taskforce of the unco-opted invites odd correspondence. Many’s the time that the contents of a parcel have caused a raised eyebrow. Always notable…

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CD Release Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Children of the Cartels – Kinder der Kartelle

November 3, 2014

CD Release Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Children of the Cartels – Kinder der Kartelle Nov


If children be our hope, then hope dies first, not last. While searching for 43 hopefully still alive, we find a mass grave of others, long forgotten. If naivety is the childhood´s nature, our offspring grows old before ever growing up. Though innocence ensures protection, we drown it in body bags. The weakness of tenuous bones and necks is hardened by the weight of our coal mine´s harvest.

Born into an already bruised life, these American Beauties, whose feet belong to their master and only their shoes belong to them, are murdered onstage by the most dangerous animal in the zoo: their own mother or dad, if they are not fleeing on the road to Baghdad leaving any dream variations behind…

Earth too was a fragile creature. Born as a planetesimal, it became a solid object arising through internal strength. So hope dies last. Not first.

text and photos (c)…

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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Frozen Chosen

May 7, 2012

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Frozen Chosen.


April 9, 2011




friends-of-sagittarius-flyer.jpg / DWS079: sean derrick cooper marquardt – a thousand points of light

April 9, 2011

Hard collision of battling amp noise and drone loops produced by the “accidental guitar” method developed by Berlin composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. Recorded live in 2010.

DWS079: sean derrick cooper marquardt – a thousand points of light


Hard collision of battling amp noise and drone loops produced by the “accidental guitar” method developed by Berlin composer Sean Derrick Cooper Mar 

. Recorded live in 2010.

  • File Size: 27.4 MB
  • Album Length: 15:30

Acts of Silence

April 9, 2011

Ne(w)t Releases 406-466

Ne(w)t Releases 406-466
Another edition of new netlabel releases.

406: Suzuran Agargara Remix (16 Dimensions)
407: Nameless Dancers – Rain Cafe (45rpm)
408: Jam – Homeless Soul (51 Beats)
409: Pablo Ribot – Apocalyptic Frequency Experience (split) – The Invisible Birds (A.M.P.)
410: Wehwalt – liquidité des cieux (A.M.P.)
411: BALOGH – I.N.G 10-12 (aReW Recordings)
412: Zuat Zu – Unlocked (Arteqcue)
413: Various Artists – Coffee Break Ambient (Audio Gourmet)
414: David J. Fonseca – Al Borde del Silencio (Audiotalaia)
415: Various Artists – 2010 Artist Sampler (Beardology)
416: Chris McGarry – Retrospective I (Beardology)
417: Professor Ojo – Plans and Schemes (Bedroom Research)
418: i AM esper – Strange and Distant (BFW Recordings)
419: Lyften – Digital Sun (BFW Recordings)
420: Harliquenade – Vortex Cabaret (Black Lantern Music)
421: Hogan Grip – Stance Gives You Balance (Bump Foot)
422: Rog – Red Element (Bump Foot)
423: S. Biset, Jean D.L. & Impostor – La Cure (Catch the Falling Leaves)
424: Joxfield ProjeX – Smorgasbord (Clinical Archives)
425: DJ Racy A.J – R.A.J. (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
426: Parrhesia Sound System – Recreation of Pantychrist (Earsheltering)
427: Deep Chill Network – Dream Companion (Earth Mantra)
428: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Be Like Water My Friends (Editora Do Porto)
429: Electronic Oraginca Ensemble – Fifth Quartile (Electronic Musik)
430: Three Moths – Recordings Made In London (Electronic Musik)
431: Che-Back – The King a Monkey (Elpa Music)
432: Firnwald – Likethere (Enough Records)
433: The Mystery Artist – Unquietness
434: Ensemble 0 – For The Black Monk (Et Le Fue Comme)
435: File Under Toner – This is the End, Beautiful Friend (Hazard Records)
436: Aleatorix – PurEleqtriXou (Heavy Mental)
437: Zengineers – The 5th Realm (iD.Eology)
438: usr/sbin- A luminous harvest (Just Not Normal)
439: Out level – Strange sounds can make a man happy (Just Not Normal)
440: Chris Lynn – The Clouds Have Settled In (Just Not Normal)
441: Szentpétery Csaba – Conclusion (Just Not Normal)
442: Candstandya – Awake in a Dark Room (Just Not Normal)
443: Various Artists – Secret Games (Kahvi)
444: Various Artists – Basic Imprint (Kopp)
445: E\\\/0||_—<3 (Lo-fi/Sci-Fi Records)
446: Tiago Morgado – Time Compass (MiMi)
447: Fira Fern – Mascot Humans Disco (mine, all mine! records)
448: Nanodio – Ulu (Monokrak)
449: Meek – Cumulus (Panospria)
450: d26 – Live @ U26 (Pavillon 36)
451: Fabio Keiner – Without Words Without Silence (Petcord)
452: Fluxo – Visões Remanescentes (Psicotropicodelia)
453: Small Radio – Le Migre 2 (Rec72)
454: DJ Mindfreak – Straightly Distorted (Ruszud)
455: Pushing Task – Hidden Cop (Ruszud)
456: Albert Fishmans – MERUHEN STRIPPERRECORDS (Sayorana Records)
457: Sun-Inside – Speed Beauty (Section 27)
458: Megatone – Eden (Silent Flow)
459: Mental D-struction – Extrapolation² (Sociopath Recordings)
460: Azop Corp vs Fenix – J’aime la mort (Sociopath Recordings)
461: Weldroid – Splines (soft phase)
462: Beverlin Draper Glenn – Rogues (test tube)
463: Aspirin & TrolleyBus – Don’t even hope (Umpako)
464: Brunk – A Simple Guide (WM Recordings)
465: Zeptosound – Zeptosound (WM Recordings)
466: XAMBUCA – Live At Pyramid Atlantic (Zeromoon)

SfintRecords Netlabel SFIRE014] Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Milk of Amnesi…a

April 9, 2011

Profile pictures

SfintRecords Netlabel SFIRE014] Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Milk of Amnesi…a (November 1, 2009)
SfintRecords Netlabel
Cover Art by Vortex Images

Wild074-Various- Tunnel To The Underground Vol.1

April 9, 2011
Wild074-Various- Tunnel To The Underground Vol.1
This compilation was organise per Justin Thomas Squires, the labelowner of
Kitty On Fire Records. This release is co-diffuse with others friendly netlabel :
Kitty on Fire Records (, Goat Given Records
Torn Flesh… Records, Deadknife Records ( & Wildness
Title of Release: Tunnel to the Underground Vol.1

Release Year:2010

Genre: Death Metal/Ambient/Noise/Grind/Punk/Experimental/ More

Description of Release:
Tunnel to the Underground Vol.1 is a collection of songs from
various musicians who perform in various genres. They all share
a common characteristic. They hail from the underground. This
net comp is a showcase of do it yourself, self produced musical goodness,
and is meant to shine light on the amazing sounds that can be heard by
listening to the caverns below mainstream.
1. Infected Epididymides– Drown In The Light Of Deception
2. Edge of October – ghost signals i . transmissions from a ruined city
3. Dick Hickey – Locked Up
4. lezet- a cockup in the bravado department
5. Unarmed For Victory – Crash Your Plane, Then Renovate
6. Man Among Wolves – Betrayal
7. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Covered with Skin
8. Bodies in Barbwire -The Vile Corpse King
9. Mental D-struction – Let’s Dance And Pray Mital Team Product
10. Tyler Sanford – Angel’s Cries (Final Mix)
11. Zidovudine Headache – Norman Wisdom getting pissed on
12. Nosens – Stellar Legacy
13. Death Till Extinction – the serious distractions of serial killers
14. Behind the Silence – T.Y.L.A
15. MushroomWavved Collar – Painless
16. Deadskin – Elektro Fucker (Remix by Scorpion Frequency)
17. Subversive Intentions – God
18. Dark Frequencer – monolith
19. Shit Devourer – Uninhibited Men
20. Volksmerink – Calloused
21.TheArmiesOfTheWorldMarchAgainstUs – REG
22. Master Toad – Death in Static
23. Death Collector – Cannibal Nation
24. Zidovudine Headache – Tender-loving PUNCH
25. Postmortem Resurrection – Deception
26. Bodies in Barbwire – Gore Infested Basement
27. Swin Deorin – Swindustrial
28. Dark Frequencer – post nuclear world
29. Death Collector – Pussy
30. Infected Epididymides – She Hack Herself Like An Undead Carcass
31. Man Among Wolves – Disposable
32. Master Toad – The Spectral Traveler
33. Mental D-struction – Untitled Nervosa
34. Submersive Intentions – uncannycandycaning
35. Team Megaship – My Blade
36. TheArmiesOfTheWorldMarchAgainstUs – ZIL
37. Volksmerink – The Shapeshifter
38. Zidovudine Headache – The Beatles suck in their yellow piece of shit!
39. Postmortem Resurrection – Watch Me Die
40. Death Till Extinction – Conatminated
41. 30 Seconds GO! – Raoul Duke’s Road Trip
42. Cacotopia – Determined To Die
43. Elephantknuckle – BeerVs.SexVs.FoodVs.Death
Statement from the artists.
Sean Derrick Marquardt: The Song “Covered with Skin” is a dedication to the German Love Parade
incident that occured in 2010, where 21 people lost thier lives while attending a festival meant to inspire
Love and Peace. Sean Derrick Marquardt was part of the original Love Parade, before the event
became bigger than itself, and before the coorperate world milked it for all it was worth.See more

The Sweet Tension In The Tune

April 9, 2011
the NBT Dark Electric Cast, the 1st of 2011 has arrived.. featuring that difficult music that has been spoken about on these very pages.. the stars of tonights show are: Muffled Shine (thanks to the guys from Far From Moscow)/Count vanilla/VBI/Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt/Blue Screams Of Death/Zwaremachine and SNMT http://nbtdarkelec…
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nbtdarkelectric » Blog Archive » The Sweet Tension In The Tune
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “The Sweet Tension In The Tune”, url: “” });

The Sweet Tension In The Tune


listen close

can you hear it?

Muffled Shine

Far From Moscow



My Cerulean Heart

Blue Screams Of Death

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Count Vanilla


Listen Now: 

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April 9, 2011



Descarrega aquí.

01-Dorothy of the Day – Hee Ow
02-Ratbag + Bonequi – First Floor Apartment Safety
03-Strange Forces – Hungry Ghost Nation
04-Gelbart – March #9
05-Krach the Robot – Klapperkiste
06-Pato – Broken Cosmic Pocket
07-Joris J – Zeflemea
08-Floq – +-0
09-OneTooFreeFor – Thawpoint Eversion
10-Zimmer – 93 BPM and the right kind of Radios
11-Goreky – Money
12-The Shock Technician – Wo die Atzen Schmatzen
13-Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – The Boris Karloff Conspiracy
14-Mauskopf – Gen Osten

“We are not minimal. We are not maximal. We are not Fernsehturm. We are not Brandenburger Tor. We are not Berghain. We are not Mauerpark.
We are the new weird Berlin – The new Berlin underground – and I am not talking about public transport.
WeirdAndWired is proud to present music by Gelbart, Pato, Dorothy of the Day, The Shock Technician, Strange Forces, Mauskopf, Floq, Krach the Robot, Zimmer, OneTooFreeFor, Joris J, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Goreky, and Ratbag + Bonequi.
Thanks to all contributers.

All artists on the net:

Dorothy of the day:
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt:
Krach the Robot:
Strange Forces:
Joris J:

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